The University “Carlo Bo”


A student-sized Universitye

Established in 1506, today the University of Urbino has 10 faculties, mostly hosted in wonderful renaissance palaces in the city historic center. Studying within these city walls full of history, admiring ancient frescos and vaulted arches - inside spacious rooms with a door opened on the traditions of the past but still abreast of the times - is a real pleasure.

Students who choose to study in Urbino already know they will find a student-sized city, where you can still walk anywhere you need to go, and have a direct contact with your teachers. The small size of the University allows for students to be the protagonists of their learning process.

Urbino has always been the destination of foreign students willing to improve their knowledge of the Italian culture and language. Over the past few years, thanks to the reform of the university curricula and to the increase of the course programs (ever more competitive), the number of foreign students deciding to spend a full academic year in the Ducal city, or to complete a full university cycle here, has grown steadily.